I was introduced to Reiki Healing at Inhale Wellbeing almost 2 years ago. I have suffered for many years from severe panic attacks and anxiety. 
I felt that I had done all the 'talking therapy' to address these issues and still something was missing. Enter Michelle at Inhale Wellbeing.  
I had no idea what would happen and zero expectations. I was put completely at ease as I chatted to Michelle and she explained about Reiki and chakras. 
I felt completely relaxed during my Reiki Healing session and I actually think that I fell asleep. Reiki has had a profound effect on me.  
It has calmed my mind, soothed my soul and over time has changed my outlook. Who knew practicing daily gratitude could have such a profound effect on a person and trust me dear reader it and Michelle have. 
Lorraine Kenny 
I cannot recommend Michelle enough, to anyone out there who needs guidance, support or is struggling in any way. I began my journey with Michelle 6 months ago and the difference she has made to my life in that short time is phenomenal. In the beginning, I attended Michelle with the only intention of receiving reiki .. but how I have benefitted is so much more. 
The guidance and the support I have received have been more than I ever could have imagined and I’d be lost without it. I’ve have many personal struggles over the years so to know someone like Michelle is there for me when trying to deal with these, gave me hope when I believed all hope was lost. 
Michelle has instilled a confidence in me that I didn’t know was possible for me to feel, and I’ve gone on to be study reiki myself with Michelle. An invaluable skill I will hold with me forever. Anyone that attends healing, life coaching or is taught reiki by Michelle is so lucky to be guided by her and her pure intentions. Everyone needs a Michelle! 
Katie Conway 
During these difficult times it’s harder than ever to find ways to relax and destress…work and home life is harder than ever… We organised an online group meditation session at work with Michelle in recent months and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. 
The preparation was totally professional, and the session itself was a balm to the soul during a chaotic few months of lockdown. The live session worked perfectly for those participating and a recording was available for anyone wishing to do it later. Thank you so much Michelle, and really looking forward to organising more sessions… 
Suzanne Greene 
HR Mananger, Servier Ireland Industries Ltd. 
I have worked with Michelle Whelan for the past number of years in both a personal and professional capacity. Michelle's ability to connect with people whether in a group or 1:1 setting is exceptional. The feedback from her classes is always very positive and she creates great energy and enthusiasm with everything she does. 
On a personal note I have gained so much over the last few years through her guidance and support and my life has transformed because of that. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle for either as a personal life coach or for corporate well-being class. She is exceptional in everything she does. 
Lorraine Mannion 
Elevated Thoughts 
Michelle is quite literally an Earth Angel. For somebody who has suffered anxiety, Michelle has been my saviour these last 4 years. Her healing sessions are nothing short of magical, taking you to a place of relaxation and calm you didn't know even existed. 
Not only that but Michelle has the ability to make you instantly feel comfortable the moment you sit with her, taking all the nonsense and noise from your life or mind and helping you to get rid of it without judgement. The bell tent is the most powerfully charged, stunningly beautiful space and you quite literally need to visit to truly experience the wonder of its energy. 
Jenny Tobin 
Michelle has the most amazing gift which she uses in the purest way to help people.An earth angel for sure! She is easily the most incredible human I have met in my lifetime. At this point in my life, I owe everything to Michelle - she has pulled me from the darkest of black holes, a place of complete hopelessness to not only a place of contentment, but pure joy hope and happiness. 
I am excited for the future for the first time in a long time! Michelle not only brought me on a healing journey myself but showed me an entirely different lifestyle to which I will be forever grateful! Every time I feel myself slipping in any way an appointment with Michelle puts me right back on track. There aren’t enough Thank you’s in the world! I am incredibly grateful! 
Ruth Gallagher 
I found Michelle when I needed her. I had gone through a long healing journey and was coming towards the end of it and needed the right person. I'm so glad I did find her because she made the last hurdle so so easy and pleasant when I was afraid it wouldn't be. I knew what I needed but couldn't find the right words and she just knew and it was incredible. She's taught me so much and I know there's so much more to come. She makes the journey so easy and is quiet literally holding your hand and by your side the whole way through, I couldn't recommend anyone more. She'll change your life. 
Rebecca Breen 
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