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Some people genuinely love to immerse themselves in the mystical realm, allowing the universe to guide them by connecting with its energy. Oracle readings can be very intuitive and insightful. Although they do reveal reality, they offer a chance to control the narrative of our lives. Here is a brief overview of what you should know about oracle readings and how they can help you move forward in your life & see situations from another viewpoint. 
Oracle Readings Are Meant to Inspire, Not to Control 
They are not designed to control your actions and thoughts. Whether you’re a believer or not, it’s essential to understand that these readings only provide extra insight into your life so you can feel inspired to take control and create the life you want. Oracle readings are meant to help you rediscover your magic and transform your life. It is a means of improving your reality and gaining the confidence to do so. 
They Call for Introspection 
Oracle readings invite a lot of introspection during the process as you discover your own personality traits and deepest aspirations, which allows you to get a more accurate reading into your truest hopes and dreams. An oracle reading will not guide you on where to go in your life; instead, it will typically inspire you to take charge of your life and control the direction in which you are going based on your innermost desires. 
They Offer Guidance 
Oracle readings can help many people since, although they reveal predictions, most of their focus is figuring out the potential outcome you would like to see. Therefore, they offer guidance to help you achieve your goals by helping you gain a better sense of self. 
They Help Tap into Your Authentic Self 
One of the greatest outcomes you can expect from an oracle reading is that you’ll feel more connected to your authentic energy. You’ll most likely come out of the reading with a profound view of your past, present, and future, and how it has all shaped your personality. One of the main benefits of this is that you’ll be able to decide who you want to become by reclaiming your energy rather than having your experiences shape you. 

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Booking Fee: €70 
Duriation: 1 Hour 
Location: The Old School House, Rock Big, Arklow, Co Wicklow, Ireland Y14 HH58 
Readings can be conducted over Zoom if you are not local to me. 
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