What Life has taught me about Faith. 

If you really want something in life, and I mean you really want it deep down inside and you have a strong enough reason to fight for it, faith is the thing that guides you to see that through. It’s at the core of your being. Never give up on your hopes and your dreams just because you faced challenges. Lean on your faith every step of the way and you’ll soon come to understand why having unwavering faith is one of the most important tools you can have in life. 
Faith & Abundance 
Whatever it is that we focus on in life, we get more of. If we focus on problems, you can be guaranteed the universe will dish us up more of the same. When life is less than perfect, we can choose to shift our thought pattern to that of positivity and set the intention to seek the solution we need, so we can resolve the issue and move from our state of lack, back to a state of appreciation & gratitude. 
When we practice being consciously aware of our thought patterns, and move intentionally to positive thoughts when we find ourselves dwelling on lack, we train our minds to think in abundance. When we hold unwavering faith for an outcome, even though it is not yet in our physical reality, we gravitate towards the desired outcome. We attract good things because we believe and expect in good things to come. 
Faith is your road to abundance, so be sure to hold it at the forefront of your mind. Always expect the best possible outcome for yourself, knowing without any doubt in your mind, that you deserve all the beauty & abundance in the world. Remember, it is not a selfish act to expect the best for yourself. It is necessary for you to be happy, fulfilled & to live with a feeling of being abundant, so that you can freely give to others. 
Faith & Finding Your Way 
Faith will set you free. Whether it is your faith in Your God, or your faith in something else; when we are faced with difficulties, when we can’t find our way and feel broken, it is our faith that guides us home. Faith gives us the strength we need to get back up when we find ourselves on our knees. Pay attention to those gentle nudges, those gut instincts, that feeling of inner knowing. It works to guide us towards the next right step for us so that we can discover our life purpose. 
That being said, to rise after a fall is never easy and often gets harder before you see an improvement. Then day by day, or perhaps hour by hour, you’ll find that light enters you through the cracks of your hurt & replaces the pain with peace. The strength to go through this process comes from Faith. Don’t give up! 
Everything in life is far easier to get through when we have faith. Faith will set you free. 
Faith; an Antidote for Stress & Anxiety 
We can go from moment to moment worried about one thing or another. Sometimes we can worry so much that it manifests in physical illnesses, or stress, anxiety or depression. 
There are certainly times in all of our lives, when we have no reason to believe that things will get better, and it is in those times when we turn to faith that we find no challenge is too difficult. Not easy, but doable. 
Learn to accept from a place of faith helps enormously to eliminate stress, anxiety, and fear. 
I would like to ask you now to think back to a situation in the past that you made it through, when you thought it would be impossible. Think of the resilience & courage you had, and the faith whether you realised it or not. When you believe that things can get better, then they will. It may be a completely different outcome to the one you foresaw, but when you have faith, you can be guaranteed that the outcome is the right one for you & your growth. 
Remember, Faith isn't just something that we cling on to in challenging times. Faith is something to be exercised in all parts of your life. It plays a vital part in helping us get through our challenging times, lighting our way in times of darkness, helping us to rise after we fall. Without faith, life would be far more difficult. 
Faith is unique & different for us all. The important thing is to have faith in something. 
With love, 
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