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Talks, Mindfulness & Meditation Events 


Talks, Mindfulness & Meditations 

Motivate. Inspire. Renew. 

I will design a program to suit your requirements; from lunchtime classes generally run over 6 weeks, 1/2 day sessions, or a full day workshop as part of Your Event, or as the Key Note Speaker & the main focus. My Mindfulness & Meditation packages will provide your Staff with basic practices that significantly increase success in the Professional & Personal environment. 
The Corporate World can be a highly stressful & competitive place, with demands and deadlines to meet. Scientific studies have proven that helping individuals cope with such stress, increases their energy & enthusiasm so that they are more effective in the work place,performing to their potential. 

Connecting with People is my Passion 

I have led groups of up to 1500 Employees in Meditation with astounding results & feedback. Through my talks, courses & meditations, I will aim to inspire & teach each person to live a fulfilled life by of outstanding levels of Happiness & Peace. 
I achieve these results by focusing on developing Resilience, determining & removing blocks of Fear, teaching how to Elevate your life through Gratitude & Grace, and speaking from a guided place, sharing experiences that resonate with Staff. Employees afterwards will be less stressed & have a renewed sense of motivation, balance & direction, resulting in enhanced performances in the Workplace, and also in their personal lives. 

Corporate Events 

Experience an Event that will connect with & touch you unlike any other I engage with your employees, to inspire, energize & teach them how to love life. I strive to help them overcome physical & mental challenges, using natural methods. 
Some examples are organised walks, Motivational Speaking, group Meditation & Reiki sessions, earth connection exercises. 
Events, normally half or full days, can be tailored to suit your requirements. 

Companies I have worked with 

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