Meet Michelle 



Inhale Wellbeing is my business, and my passion. I work with the Corporate Sector, Charitable Organisations & the Individual, aiming to inspire all those I work with to live their life to its' potential & to feel joyful in all areas. Something, few of us experience. 
Why? The answer to this is simple. After leading what would be considered in our modern age to be a successful & blessed life to the outsider, having everything a person could wish for, my life crashed down around me in 2017. I lost everything a person can loose, pretty much, in just a few hours. 
What did I learn? That Resilience is something born from Trauma, but it can also be learned. That the importance of Self Care & Mental Nourishment is invaluable, and necessary if you want to live a balanced & harmonious life. I have almost 2 decades of training in the Wellness Industry, in many different areas. However, I believe life to be our greatest teacher & it presents us with many opportunities to grow & evolve. 
My goal, my passion, my hope, is to inspire everybody I meet to see their true potential & to strive to reach it. This is my dream & I am fully committed to it. Today, I live what I know to be a truly blessed life. I have a deep seated Peace within me, that is untouchable. I am in total control of my life & achieving my goals. I want the same for you. 
I hope to meet you soon. For now, I wish you every success on your journey & I encourage you to know your worth & pursue your purpose. 

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