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I worked for over 20 years in the corporate world & have experienced the stresses that come with a busy and sometimes challenging position. I am passionate about guiding those I meet in achieving a fulfilled, balanced, stress free & happier life.  
I have put limitless time, energy & heart into training and mastering the services that I provide. I believe life is our greatest teacher & my aim is to inspire the collective staff, & the individual, to strive for a greater result, an enriched & more connected life. My deep understanding, personal touch & complete commitment along with my professional & personal approach, guarantees that I will inspire & connect with your staff in a way few have, or can. 


Inhale Wellbeing is my business, and my passion. I work with the Corporate Sector, Charitable Organisations & the Individual, aiming to inspire all those I work with to live their life to its' potential & to feel joyful in all areas. Something, few of us experience. 
Why? The answer to this is simple. After leading what would be considered in our modern age to be a successful & blessed life to the outsider, having everything a person could wish for, my life crashed down around me in 2017. I lost everything a person can loose, pretty much, in just a few hours. 
What did I learn? That Resilience is something born from Trauma, but it can also be learned. That the importance of Self Care & Mental Nourishment is invaluable, and necessary if you want to live a balanced & harmonious life. I have almost 2 decades of training in the Wellness Industry, in many different areas. However, I believe life to be our greatest teacher & it presents us with many opportunities to grow & evolve. 
My goal, my passion, my hope, is to inspire everybody I meet to see their true potential & to strive to reach it. This is my dream & I am fully committed to it. Today, I live what I know to be a truly blessed life. I have a deep seated Peace within me, that is untouchable. I am in total control of my life & achieving my goals. I want the same for you. 
I hope to meet you soon. For now, I wish you every success on your journey & I encourage you to know your worth & pursue your purpose. 

Corporate Wellness 

I engage with your employees, to inspire, energize & teach them how to love life. I strive to help them overcome physical & mental challenges, using natural methods. 

Life Coaching Session 

Life Coaching is one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Mindfulness Courses 

I run a comprehensive 8 week course in which you fully explore Mindfulness & learn how to cope with stress and anxiety relating to everyday life & also larger challenges that you may experience. 

Energy Healing 

With Energy Healing, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. You will learn Balance. 
I cannot recommend Michelle enough, to anyone out there who needs guidance, support or is struggling in any way. I began my journey with Michelle 6 months ago and the difference she has made to my life in that short time is phenomenal. 
We organised an online group meditation session at work with Michelle in recent months and couldn’t recommend it highly enough.The preparation was totally professional, and the session itself was a balm to the soul during a chaotic few months of lockdown. 
I felt that I had done all the 'talking therapy' to address these issues and still something was missing. Enter Michelle at Inhale Wellbeing. 
Michelle's ability to connect with people whether in a group or 1:1 setting is exceptional. The feedback from her classes is always very positive and she creates great energy and enthusiasm with everything she does. 

Latest Musings from Michelle 

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